The new Album

The Neoclassical-Soundtrack Album, recorded in Budapest, contains

ten compositions for String Quartet & Piano.

The musicians of the Soundiva Quartet
are members of the Budapest Symphonic Scoring Orchestra.

My first EP

Orchestral, Electronic and Instrumental Rock tracks, it contains the longest song I’ve ever composed (18 minutes long)

A symphonic Album

with 13 romantic soundtracks

This is my first work produced using

a virtual Orchestra

A collaboration between me

and the German composer Syngularity

Electronica and Instrumental Rock for this personal tribute to

The Alan Parsons Project

An Indian Fusion project

with Mr Bhargav Mistry at the Sarod

An international collaboration

between my Western sounds and arrangements and his Eastern mood 

My first Album

Fifteen tracks of Electronic music blended with Orchestral sections and Piano

Click below to listen to a selection of my music

The previous Albums